Dragon City Hack

Dragon is city by far most popular game on facebook and people love this game like crazy. This game allow you to create dragons of special kinds depending upon the cross breeding. Around 150 types of dragons can be created and used for fighting. You can also use our Dragon City hack for jumping the levels up and down.

You can create an army of dragons which can be used to achieve the objectives. Overall game is very nice and awesome to play and you will fall in love with it. Our hack can be used for using more and more gems, points etc.

hay day hackWell if you are done with dragons and want to try your luck in farming, in creating a full fledged farming economy from cakes to milk to eggs to pie. Its all possible with supercell’s new game Hay day. Try Hay Day hack and see for your self how effective is it. Anyways back to the game. In Hay day you can go out and play with others. You do farming, you sow the seeds and wait for a time, till the time seeds grow into plant you can do something else. Once the produce is ready its time to harvest. When you harvest in bulk its possible you will get some special object as bonus which can be used to upgrade your game.

You can use the collection of those surprise bonus elements and upgrade anything to next level. For example a set of rare object helps in upgrading silo to hold higher capacity. Thus till the time your limited slots on shop are filled and you cant sell all the produce you can store in silo and sell it later after the produce of your shop is gone.

One basic trick in this produce game is that you keep the prices low so that other peoples can buy them instantly and you can keep playing the game. If you end up setting price high and nobody buys it than you are wasting one of the very limited slot of your shop. Its a interesting game.

Do see this awesome video of Boom beach massive attack: